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Deer Management

Responsible Deer Management

Deer management is practiced at Shiloh Farms with the goal of producing a balanced deer herd and the very best in trophy bucks.

The protection of young bucks (yearlings and some 2.5 year-olds) combined with an adequate harvest of female deer allows us to maintain a healthy population in balance.

Deer management involves the production of quality deer (bucks, does, and fawns), quality habitat, quality hunting experiences, and most importantly quality hunters.

A successful program requires an increased knowledge of deer biology and active participation in management.

Shiloh Farms prides itself in its deer management program and will not tolerate any infringement on our rights as land owners in the observance of this practice.

Any deer hunting that does not strictly adhere to Shiloh Farms hunting practice will result in fines and penalties to the hunter and are enforced by the Management of Shiloh Farms.

Our Goals

The vast acreage at Shiloh Farms Hunting allows deer population management without being severely affected by hunting pressure on adjacent properties and is equipped with adequate habitat to produce and maintain a healthy deer herd.

Shiloh Farms has been completely committed to its long-term management program. The management goals set by Shiloh Farms is balanced with clear expectations of the herd and habitat. Significant changes to deer herds and deer habitats do not happen overnight and often take several years to become obvious. To this end, we have diligently monitored and documented our progression.

In general, there are four primary deer management strategies:

  • Maximum population management
  • Maximum harvest management
  • Quality deer management
  • Trophy deer management

Although these strategies are not mutually exclusive, each is governed by the goals and intensity of management established by Shiloh Farms.

Shiloh Deer Management

Under traditional deer management, bucks of any age or antler quality may be harvested and antler-less deer harvest is regulated to produce an abundant deer herd and/or to maximize total buck harvest. Under this approach, most bucks harvested are yearlings (1.5 years old), with few bucks surviving beyond their second year.

This management approach is typically the least intensive and sometimes allows herds to increase to levels that can damage the habitat. Depending on herd productivity and the intensity of buck harvest, the sex ratio often becomes heavily skewed in favor of females.

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