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Wesley or Tom Farrow

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(334) 319-6337
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Whitetail Deer Hunting

Shiloh farms has practiced a strict management program for trophy bucks.

A trophy management area allows young bucks to mature so that you will have an excellent chance to harvest a trophy animal.  Our whitetail hunts are all free chase with no fences..

We have over 4000 acres to hunt with numerous stands.  Our stands consist of shooting houses and ladder stands.  The stands are placed in hardwood bottoms, clear cuts, food plots and other areas used frequently by game. We constantly rotate the stands and land to prevent over hunting.  Shiloh Farms strives to offer you an enjoyable and successful hunt.

There are no hidden cost and no surprises.  All you need is your personal gear.   We can accommodate the most avid deer hunter to the novice hunter with success in mind.

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